Men's Inaugural Class, Spring 2014


Park Turner 1976-1991 1st Head Coach in Parkview History Bio  
Kelly Taylor Class of '80 1st Track State Champion in Parkview History (Discus) Bio 1 2
Scott "Squirt" Thompson Class of '81 1st High Jump State Champion; US Olympic Team B Standard Qualifier Bio 1 2 3
Glenn Sikes Class of '85 1st Pole Vault State Champion in Parkview History Bio  


Women's Inaugural Class, Spring 2015

Tammy Seblink Winslow Class of '90 Mid-Long Distance; State Runner-Up & 800m Record Holder; NAIA All-American    
Aisha Tull Penson Class of '98 1st female state champion & most decorated sprinter in Parkview Track history     
Uloma Nwagbara Class of '99 Highly decorated jumper/sprinter; NAIA All-American; Record Holder in Long Jump    
Cheryl Routson Class of '00 Outstanding High Jumper & Record Holder